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We’re good with collecting, integrating, extracting, visualizing data and insights. Take a look at how we are using next-generation TV data to drive forward more effective and efficient marketing communication as well as IPTV product development.


The graph below shows the exemplary net reach for one Austrian TV channel during one evening in prime-time, taken directly from the universe of all A1 IPTV households in Austria.

The bright blue sections represent ad breaks. Clearly, each ad break leads to a significant loss of viewership, causing a typical U-shaped reach pattern. Because of this high degree of volatility, it is clearly sub-optimal to only take into consideration average reach figures for ad breaks. Thus, we have committed ourselves to transparently reporting the actual reach by the second based on our IPTV household audience measurement solution.

graph_everysecond Content reach Ad block reach


Traditional industry standard

The red line marks the traditional reported and billed reach for all spots within the ad block. In this case, for all spots, it is 102.


AdScanner approach

AdScanner reports the true reach for each invidividual spot. In this case, for spot #4, it is 58.

Tv benchmark reports

One of our standard products is an ongoing Benchmark Report for advertisers, where the campaigns of two or more brands are compared over time. This comparison can either be seen directly within our Cockpit solution or automatically received in the form of weekly or monthly PPT/PDF/XLS files.

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